To lend a hand.  To become a voice.  To give back.
In honor and memory of Richard N. Moore
and of
Charlotte R. Moore, our Mom,
who is beating cancer!
How the life-link came to be...

The life-link was created out of a deep desire to
personalize the LIVESTRONG bracelet that I have worn
since before the onset of my father's cancer, which I
continue to wear in honor of his memory. It signifies the
respect and support I have for the many individuals who
continue to fight against this disease.    

Shortly after my father's death I searched for something to
attach to the bracelet I wore. I needed to find something
that I could wear to represent and honor my father's
courage and strength.  
He was courageous and he was strong.  
I created a link to his life.
For me personally, my father's passing is a constant
reminder of the way I should be living my life.  He lived his
always for others.  

What began as a need to show my support, sadly became
the need to support my father through his own battle, and
now in addition, has taken on a newer meaning for me.  It
is a reminder to myself that I must live a stronger life, not
just for myself, but for others as well...
just as my father had done.®
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San Antonio, Texas 78201
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Our vision is a world
where no one dies
from lung cancer. A
world that
LUNGevity helped to
create by bringing
together world-class
scientific minds,
advocates, and an
efficient and effective
organization. Our
vision is to unite the
country in one
movement to end
lung cancer now.
To lend a hand.  To become a voice.  To give back.
As seen in October's SHAPE magazine- honor the fight, the victory, or the memory of your own loved one!