The words were all around us. They were displayed on huge banners hanging throughout the building.  They
were words printed boldly on literature, and found on t-shirts worn with conviction.  They were words expressed
in the attitudes and faces of everyone we came into contact with as we introduced the life-link to the world at
this amazing event.  Participating in a
LIVESTRONG Challenge will change your life.  It has changed ours.

New friends Cecille Juresko and her husband
Troy became the first to purchase the life-link at
the LIVESTRONG Village.
We will never forget them~

A brother and a sister unite to
fight cancer.  Family is everything.
A long and bittersweet road to get to
this point.  And now the life-link will
do its part to fight the fight.
With Evan Handler, best know for his
role as Harry on "Sex and the City,"
himself a cancer survivor, and author of
the amazing book
"It's Only Temporary: The Good News
and the Bad News of Being Alive"

Portland, OR
In memory of Richard N. Moore~The life-link honors his memory.
It wasn't until after we examined this picture that we see the "Uncle
Dickie" honor card to the right.  
He was called that by many of our relatives.
Participants  honor and
share the names of
loved ones touched
by cancer
True life-links, with the names of loved
ones, hang throughout the complex,
creating unbreakable chains in the fight to
beat cancer in this lifetime
What can you do?


Who will you help?
Special thanks to new friend
Sandy Ferguson for
introducing us to the
"Ride for the Roses"
Held at the beautiful Nike World
Headquarters Campus
Beaverton, OR

Have I not commanded thee?  Be
strong and of good courage; be
not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed; for the LORD thy God
is with thee
whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9

Special thanks and best wishes to
Eric Evoniuk, Oregon City, OR

Our sincerest thanks and best wishes to all of those we
were able to spend time with while in Beaverton.  For
those who purchased the life-link, may it mean as much
to you, signify as much to you, as it does to us.  A
percentage of your purchase will be given back in the
name of your loved one to the Lance Armstrong
Foundation or other cancer-fighting organizations for
fruitful efforts
in the name of HOPE.  


Linda Moore
Michael Moore
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